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About Trainer Dee

Trainer Dee

I have over 20 years of experience as a professional bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, and lifestyle / health coach. I’m a mentor to other certified personal trainers, and show them how to maximize their career potential.

I train a wide variety of clients; from professional to collegiate athletes, youth, and senior citizens. I run my own boot camps and work with clients on an individual and in group settings. I operate summer youth programs at a local middle school, which gears students to achieve fitness goals while learning valuable life skills.

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  • OCT
    Morning Bootcamp
    Time: 8:15 am
    Price: $7.99

    Morning Bootcamp with Trainer Dee

  • OCT
    Body Blast
    Time: 6:00 am
    Price: $7.99

    This class has been designed to blast your body in 30 minutes. We focus on core stabilization, AB development and much more. This class is for beginners and those who wish to strengthen their whole body.

  • OCT
    Battle of the Bands
    Time: 12:00 pm
    Price: $7.99

    Total body workout using super sets with multiple bands of resistance. This class is a real calorie burner, your gonna want to set your watches up.

  • OCT
    Morning Bootcamp
    Time: 6:00 am
    Price: $7.99

    Well let’s get off that couch and workout from home and not just work from home. Join our morning bootcamp with Trainer Dee

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Not sure about becoming a member? No problem, register an account and drop in a class ($7.99/Class) whenever you want, where ever you want. Our system will record each class you register for and help us cater to your needs.
Strength Classes ($9.99)

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Enjoy Up To 20 Classes Per Month. Schedule is posted 4 weeks in advance for proper planning. Save 20% with this membership vs purchasing weekly classes. You can choose a class with Any Trainer.

This membership does not include Strength Training Classes.

Dee's Strength Program


1 hour class that focuses on different muscle groups per week. We train 4 times a week! Price includes in person and online classes (small group per class).

BONUS: You will also have access to unlimited group classes (A $29.99 value)

1 on 1 Online Training


Looking to take your training to the next level? Sign up for 1 on 1 training with professional body builder Trainer Dee. Schedule up to (8) 30 Minute Sessions per month.

BONUS: You will also have access to unlimited group classes (A $29.99 value)

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